Fun Fact #270

Jen and Pelch are secretly lovers

  • Jen gets free drugs


    Jen gets free drugs


  • Fun Fact #269

    Jen doesn’t wear underwear

  • Fun Fact #268

    Jen has a folder of 54 txt files containing Habbo army ranks

  • Fun Fact #267

    Jen is only friends with people with penises

  • Fun Fact #266

    Jen whispers dirty things to people in the Welcome Lounge

  • Fun Fact #265

    Jen looks like a whale trapped in a net when wearing her bikini

  • Fun Fact #264

    Dan has seen Jen in a bikini

  • Fun Fact #263

    Jen has played habbo drunk before. Therefore she is an alcoholic.

  • Fun Fact #262

    Jen owns a gun and uses it to hunt kids. Instead of using bullets she uses tranquillizers

  • Fun Fact #261

    Jen is so fat, treadmills run for her

  • Fun Fact #260

    Jen has been replaced by a girl named Amy by Deswol

  • What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “jennypenny20”

  • Fun Fact #259

    Jen likes submissive girls

  • Fun Fact #258

    Jen looks like a chunky orange when she wears a life jacket