What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “jennypenny20”

  • Fun Fact #259

    Jen likes submissive girls

  • Fun Fact #258

    Jen looks like a chunky orange when she wears a life jacket

  • Fun Fact #257

    Jen deepthroated a carrot

  • Fun Fact #256

    Jen searches about 20 habbos to see their last login date on a daily basis

  • Fun Fact #255

    Jen knits her own thongs

  • Fun Fact #254

    Jen is a recovering vegetarian

  • Fun Fact #253

    there’s plenty of fish in the sea… TOO BAD JEN FUCKING EATS THEM ALL

  • Fun Fact #252

    Don’t talk to jen unless you want a stalker irl

  • Fun Fact #251

    Jen is part of the thick thigh squad

  • Fun Fact #250

    Jen will meet people irl for deals on Habbo furni

  • Fun Fact #249

    Jen and Heidi mud wrestled last weekend.

  • Fun Fact #248

    only 2% of people have red hair. congratulations on being in that 2% Jen.

  • Fun Fact #247

    Jen’s only talent is breathing… Too bad she has asthma 

  • Fun Fact #246

    Jen edits pictures of herself to make her look fat